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Energy Healing Techniques: Revive The Lost Art
October 15, 2014 / New Age

The power of energy healing techniques can be seen in movies, video games, and in numerous other places within our culture. We have become separate from energy healing though as an alternative therapy. I invite you to have a peek…

Opening The Root Chakra: Five Quick Tips
October 15, 2014 / New Age

Techniques for opening the root chakra have been studied for plenty of time considering chakras were present further back than we can imagine. The root chakra is one of the most focused on energy centers because we live in a physical universe and it…

Manifest Money With These Simple Ideas
April 25, 2014 / New Age

If you are reading this post, then you may be broke and in need of an idea to manifest money as soon as possible. Maybe you need to pay off your bills, get out of debt, or even enjoy a…