Writing Down Your Goals And The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is a powerful law that should be used in unison with inspired action. One way to help move the power of this law forward is to incorporate the power of writing into your practice. It is best to use a small notebook that you can carry around with you, or a simple note card to keep on hand.

Writing Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals is very powerful in activating different parts of the brain that will help the subconscious mind look for pathways and connections that can help them become realized into your reality. This, in turn, also activates the power of the law of attraction.

Until you have complete control over this process and see measurable results, I highly suggest that you focus on one goal at a time. Keep it going until you start seeing results within your life.

This is similar to the process of visualizing as if the goal has already been achieved, but in this exercise we are going to be writing.

Write As-If It Has Already Happened

Start out by taking the goal that you have in mind and writing about a paragraph in length that describes this goal as-if it already has been achieved for you. Activate all of your senses and describe what you would see, hear, feel, taste, and touch if your goal was accomplished. When you start writing down your goals in this way, it makes them appear more real to your brain. In return, your brain starts looking for any way to get these results to occur in your reality.

You can have fun with this, and it also works for just about anything in your life. Some subjects that this is powerful for include financial success, better relationships (with others and yourself), self-confidence, happiness, overcoming anxiety, and helping to succeed over times of depression.

For example, if your focus was on achieving more financial success in your life, you might write something like the following:

Goal: I consistently make x amount on a weekly basis.

Description: It is important to have financial security and stability. The fact that I earn this amount consistently provides me with more than enough to remain stable and also save a good chunk of money on the side in my savings account. I feel successful and and completely debt free because I have achieved this goal. It is the best feeling in the world that I can now go out and spend money without feeling guilty. I have complete financial security and I know that I will remain this way.

This is just a simple example. You can use the process for any goal that you might have and can also take it as far or as short as you want. The most important factor in this whole process is to feel good and raise your good-feeling vibration in any way possible through the power of writing.

Try it out and see how it works for you in different situations.

The best thing that you can do is to perform this exercise now and then take inspired actions based on your results. Your brain does a lot more in the subconscious world than you think. Get clear, write down your goals using the method described above, and start taking inspired action!