What Does Your Dream Mean? Quick Guide

Have you had a dream that has been troubling you lately, or maybe one that was just totally off the wall and made no sense? Don’t worry, you are not alone because the average person processes about 4 to 6 different dreams a night! This can leave most of us asking the following question: what does your dream mean?

The subconscious mind becomes more prominent when we go to sleep at night. Due to the fact that this part of our mind does not know the difference between reality and what we think, it makes sense that we can wake up feeling like we had just experienced whatever it was that was within our dreams.

The Subconscious Mind Wants Attention

Many have stated that when we are dreaming, our subconscious mind is processing all of the events for the day along with bring anything to attention that it feels we need to deal with. Maybe there is a recurring symbol or theme throughout your dreams…if so, I urge you to take a strong look at the content of your dreams in order to determine its meaning. No matter how bizarre that the content can be, the subconscious mind thinks in symbols more often than not.

It can actually be very healing when we make time to listen to our subconscious mind. Although, you may not see the immediate meanings and interpretations for your dreams, I want to assure you that if you give time and acknowledgement to them then you will start to see patterns. The conscious mind is amazing at picking up on patterns and themes. This is why it becomes important to start a dream journal.

Your Dream Journal: Unlock Your Mind

I want you to think of a dream journal as a key that unlocks your subconscious mind because that is exactly what it does. The thoughts and feelings located deep within our brain normally don’t come to surface unless we give them attention. Like I said before, it takes consistent attention to start seeing what your dream symbols actually mean. In fact, you might not even be picking up on the whole dream until you start writing them down.

Let me stop for one moment.

I first want to let you know that everyone has different symbols, meanings, interpretations, etc. based on their mind and what they have been through in life. With that being said, this is why it means so much to start interpreting your own dreams based on what you know.

There really is no shortcut. The more that you write down your dreams and observe them, the more you will become aware naturally of what they mean.

Only You Can Truly Understand Your Dreams

It is just like thinking, exercising, and anything else in life that you can think of: only you have complete control of what your dreams are and what they mean to you.

Start writing in your dream journal daily and describing any thoughts and feelings that arise based on dreams that you have had.

When you start doing this, questions like what does your dream mean will become answered naturally on a daily basis.

Good luck and share any tips or advice in the comments below!