Motivation: How To Get Moving

Motivation can be hard to come by, especially when many of us are stuck in a routine and are kind of subconsciously getting by. When we start mindlessly going through our days, that usually means that it is time for a change; usually a much bigger change than we think. We usually know what that change involves, but getting up the motivation to do something about it can be incredibly hard for some people.

What Sparks Motivation?

In order to see how we can stay motivated, it would be great to have a first look at what causes the motivation to get up and do something in the first place. Usually motivation comes fromĀ one of these five factors: happiness, love, fear, inspiration, or dependency.

When we are happy, that fact alone can motivate us to do what we know is right for ourselves. Why? Because like attracts like and we will continue to do more that makes us happy.

Love and happiness kind of go hand in hand because when we love something and feel passionate about it, it makes us want to move in that direction.

The feeling of fear can also be enough to keep us in check and make the decision to get motivated and change. An example is if your doctor were to tell you that your blood pressure is high and you are more at risk for certain diseases. This might make you uncomfortable enough with where you have arrived in life to get your butt in gear and make some big changes within your physical side of life. You may decide to take up an exercising schedule or healthy diet plan.

Inspiration can hit us at random times and give us the boost that will push us to motivation. Do you ever have those moments where everything just feels amazing and right for no reason? You probably soaked it up and did something exciting after that, hence being motivated. Use these moments to move forward and motivate yourself.

The factor of dependency can also get us motivated. If someone depends on you to make a change, this may motivate you to get something done. Also, if your financial situation is dependent on making a certain change…this can also motivate you very quickly. This concept is also linked with fear, but can sometimes easily stand alone on its own.

Getting That Motivation In Your Life

My number one tip for finding motivation in your life? It is actually pretty simple when you think about it. All you usually need to do is be happy and get out of your redundant thinking patterns. When we stay lost in our thoughts, we become hypnotized by the world around us and live in our subconscious thoughts. These thoughts can keep us from making the changes necessary, when we are motivated, to reach our goals!

It is okay sometimes to enjoy the comfort of a comfort zone, but we should be making more of an effort to remain conscious in our lives and expanding towards the things that we love.

I am definitely going to be doing a lot more writing on motivation and would love to hear your tips on getting up and getting things done!

What motivates you to get moving? Let’s all hear it and discuss in the comments below.