The Law Of Attraction Using Creative Manifestation

Whether the law of attraction is dealing with energy or shaping your subconscious beliefs so that you are more likely to achieve something…one thing definitely remains true. The law of attraction works and will ultimately bring more of whatever it is that you are thinking about most of the time.

Creative Manifestation: Law Of Attraction And The Energy Of Now

Creativity, writing, and visualization are two strong points in utilizing the law of attraction in your life. The power and energy that exist in this very moment are so important because where you are is where you happen to be as a culmination of your past thoughts and beliefs. What you have thought before has led you to this very moment, whether it is energetically or subconsciously.

We can begin to use the law of attraction to bring about more of what we want in our lives by activating the energy of this moment.

Here are some ways to use your creative manifestation abilities:

  • Writing. Take one of your current goals and write a paragraph describing your life as if you achieved it already. Writing in the present tense seems to possess a powerful energy that makes our goals more believable within our subconscious mind. Appeal to the senses as you write, as well, for an added bonus.For example, you could write out something like the following: I have built the home office of my dreams which includes many zen elements. This helps me maintain the peaceful life that I love so much. Some of my best work and ideas come right out of this amazing room. The scent of candles and incense fills the air while open windows allow the refreshing breeze to circulate around my house.
  • Visualization. Make the time to visualize your goal as completed. Spending even one minute doing this is so powerful that it can change the path of your life in an instant. What we are trying to do here is startle the normal routine and change its course. If you want change in your life then you need to change the processes that you follow daily. Visualization can aid you in doing this. This is the easy way to start practicing for what you want in your life.If I followed the the above example about the home office with zen elements, by reading it I can already picture it. I would imagine working in the office and spending some time in deep thought while relaxing. That is just me, but you can apply these processes to literally anything big or small!

Take Action And Stop Waiting Around

The law of attraction is not about sitting around and waiting for your dream life to show up. It is about visualizing your best life and then taking direct inspired actions based on the visual that you hold within your mind. This is the quickest and most efficient way to manifest the life of your dreams.

What are some of the goals and aspirations that you are looking to achieve soon? Share them in the comments section below!