How To Practice Gratitude For More Happiness

How To Practice Gratitude For More Happiness

Growing up, I was always told to be grateful for the people and circumstances within my life.

Many children are told this in many different ways, such as the classic “you should be grateful for what you have” when a child is throwing a temper tantrum.

If you learn how to practice gratitude, it can pay huge advances in the amount of happiness that you experience every day. Being grateful is more than just a way to keep our kids in check, it is a way of life that can have profound effects on your health and success in life.

Complimenting Because You Mean It

I start off with compliments because it is the easiest place to start. You shouldn’t compliment people just to make them feel good. You should practice complimenting others because you mean it. and really feel what you are admiring.

A compliment has a ton of power within it. The smallest compliment can make someone’s day (or even month)!

It needs to be genuine though, in order for it to have such a great effect.

You can make compliments about someone’s hair and how good it looks on a particular day. You can admire the way that someone talks in such a “down to Earth” manner. It is also nice to compliment on how smart someone is at a subject that they have studied in-depth in the past.

Either way, make sure you really mean it and express your admiration for others as often as you can!

Gratitude Lists

It might just be me, but I absolutely love creating lists. Lists are a good reference point to come back to once they are written. This is why creating a gratitude list can be an amazing source of love and inspiration.

Basically, you just list out on a piece of paper everything that you are grateful for. If you have trouble doing this, start with just 3 or 4 items and go from there.

For example, let’s say that you wrote down that you have gratitude for your mother. You could also think of other things surrounding the subject of your mother that you have gratitude for. You can say that you are also grateful that you learned how to cook so well from her, or how to express your love more often, etc.

A gratitude list can be one of the best ways to learn how to practice gratitude because you can always come back to it.

Feel Grateful In This Moment

You can always just practice sitting down and feeling as grateful as possible for your life that you get to live.

Close your eyes and just focus on the concept of gratitude. See what comes to mind. If no situations, people, or circumstances come to mind then just be grateful for the body that you are able to live in.

Be grateful that your heart beats, your adventurous mind, the contrast of life in general, or anything else that you can possible have gratitude for.

Life is amazing and when you learn how to practice gratitude on more of a daily basis, your success and happiness will increase profoundly.