How To Meditate Deeply With Great Focus

It is easy to think that it takes a really “advanced” person to learn how to meditate deeply with a great focus. In reality, anyone can learn how to meditate deeply with some commitment and a willingness to learn. With a little bit of attention here and there, you can become great at meditation in no time.

Looking for an added benefit that will motivate you even more? You will see some intense changes in how you feel and with what shows up in your life. Making time for deep meditation has an impact on both you and the world that surrounds you. Before we take a look at the steps involved in learning how to meditate deeply, let’s see how it will have a profound effect on our reality.

Everything Is Energy

When you think about everything down to the deepest core of what it is composed of, you will find that all is made of the same substance that is out there floating around our universe. Everything comes from this same basic “stuff” that is at the core of everything. That “stuff” is energy.

Energy has been been proven by scientists to affect other energy when any sort of interaction occurs.

For a simple example, think about how heat causes evaporation. This is a direct instance of how energy can interact with something and cause another energy type to manipulate or change into something else. You can see this in action by observing how heat applied to a boiling pot of water causes steam to rise. Quite simply, the water is heating up and changing into a different form as it evaporates into the atmosphere around you.

Without getting too scientific, we can use an analogy like this to see why meditation is so important to our body and mind.

When we reach deeper states of mind, scientists have been able to track and see changes within the brain and well-being of the person who is performing the meditation. Focus, happiness, and a general sense of relaxation tends to overcome those who learn how to meditate deeply and do it often.

So, let me ask you, would you be better off being more focused, happy, and relaxed? My bet is that you will say yes and want to learn how.

When we are more at one with ourselves in life, things seem to come together more and happen positively in our favor. This is why it is so important to learn how to meditate deeply and take advantage of all the benefits that the practice has to offer.

Learn How To Meditate Deeply

Just because you want to learn how to meditate deeply, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be hard and difficult to do. I always want to do quite the opposite. I used to believe that I would never learn how to meditate deeply because it would take too long or just be too hard for someone like me to attain.

I was wrong at that point, and I will tell you what I did: I made deep meditation simple.

I asked myself what I would need to do in order to make deep meditation seem like an easy task for me. I would ask things like “How can I turn this into something I wouldn’t mind doing every day?” and “How could someone else who is busy still make time and experience the amazing benefits of learning how to meditate deeply?”

Once I started asking these questions, the answers seemed to find their way to me as I opened up my mind to the opportunities.

I wanted to start so incredibly simple. I wanted to learn how to meditate deeply in just 10 minutes and then expand upon that at my will.

That is what I am going to teach you how to do in a few really simple steps that you can easily follow.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Meditation Environment. You environment is very important when you are learning how to meditate deeply. You will see how important it stays with you as you expand upon your practice as well. This is going to be absolutely different for everyone, but you need to find a way to be as relaxed as you possibly can be while you are in a state of deep focus. In general you will want to be free of distractions, cell phone, and maybe have some calming music in the background to drown out other distractions that may occur. Remember, our goals is to become as focused as possible in as little as 10 minutes here. You may set a timer if you are aiming for exactly 10 minutes.
  2. Close Your Eyes And Just Breathe. Just start breathing and listening to the sound of your own breath. Do not force your breath at this point. Allow yourself to just be as you are while you observe how your body reacts to your beginning focus. I always start with the breath for a few minutes, but some people also like to do progressive muscle relaxation, full body scans, etc. Once again, you make up the rules here. This practice needs to be something you enjoy so make it true to you as much as possible.
  3. Find The Open Space. It may not come the first time, but be aware of that perfect space that you will eventually find where everything feels open and free. You will feel a lightness come over you and might even get excited, joyous, and gain a surge of energy. This is when you are connecting to your deep focus. We are looking for that feeling that feels similar to when you are so happy that you could cry. It does happen during meditation and can occur within as little as 10 minutes. Anything you do beyond that point is your choice. When you get that feeling, stay focused and hone in on it as much as possible. Don’t force it because it may just slip away. Observe and allow, that is our goal here. We want to become one with that good feeling.
  4. Intention. After some observation and good vibes in that open space that I am talking about, you can switch to an intention before coming out of your meditation. How long you stay with an intention is all up to you…I like to stay with intentions for 5-10 minutes once I feel super focused and relaxed. Choose an intention that you would like to improve or work upon in your life. Here are some ideas: general well-being, wealth, material objects, relationships, spiritual connection, etc. Just choose something that you would like to benefit on and focus on it here. For example, if you want a deeper spiritual connection in your life, you might imagine yourself connecting with the energy of the universe as it flows through your body nourishing your every cell. Create an intention, focus, and allow yourself to become your intention. See it as happening now and becoming a part of you, no matter what it is.
  5. Back To Reality. When you are ready, slowly (or quickly if that is your style) allow yourself to come back to reality. Open your eyes back up and observe the room surround you. Make some small movements and stretch a little bit. Congratulate yourself for what you have just done because you are now on your way to learning how to meditate deeply in a much more focused way. Every time you do this practice you will become more connected and have a deeper focus.

There are tons of benefits to having a regular meditation practice, as you will find out. I hope that you really do take advantage of it and the technique that I have presented to you. My technique is nothing new, but I just want to make sure that you understand to allow yourself to be yourself.

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That is so important.

Allow your meditation practice to be a representation of you and I am sure that you will follow through and keep doing it for many years to come.

Share your experiences and questions in the comments below.

I would be glad to assist and read some inspiring stories!

Enjoy Right Now,


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