Eliminate Fear And Awaken The Magic In Your Life

What do you think is one of the most common obstacles that holds people back from their ambitions and goals? Well, if you read the title of this post, then you most likely know that we are going to be discussing a process to eliminate fear so that you can live a more abundant life. The fact is – fear can be both good and bad in different situations.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to have some fear in me if I was being chased by some dangerous animal. That type of good fear could save me from danger and help me get to safety faster. The thing that drives me nuts about fear though, is that it tends to show up for no reason at all. It also robs people of what could be an amazing life by stealing their dreams.

Conquer Fear And Live Freely

Hands down, we need to know how to distinguish from both good and bad fear. That is the first issue at hand. I am pretty sure that you can understand the difference very quickly between both. A good fear prevents us from falling into a dangerous situation – or something that would affect us negatively. This is good because it saves us from a detrimental future of some sorts that we don’t see fit in our life, either emotionally or physically. A bad fear can block us from doing desirable things that could potentially lead to a positive outcome within our lives. This type of fear comes from the fear of failing and it is subconsciously rooted in our concept of self-worth.

In order to eliminate fear, we need to understand that we are fully capable of doing anything (within our realm of positive influence) that we so desire.

Really, think about it for a moment.

If you desire to be a bestselling author that inspires millions of people around the world – then what is really stopping you? Can you think of other bestselling authors that are inspiring millions of people are the world? Someone else is doing it, so why can’t you?

Maybe you are a bit out of shape and aren’t satisfied with your physical appearance completely. Are there other people out there who overcome any obstacles that they might have in order to become powerful and completely in control of their look and body? The answer is yes…and yes, you can do the same things.

When you make the decision to start conquering your bad fears, you awaken to the magic in your life that will allow you to live more freely.

Awaken The Magic

Start becoming super aware of your decision moments on a daily basis. We all go through fear issues in life, most likely every single day. Once we learn to control these moments into a more positive circumstance, that is when the real magic starts to happen for us.

If you have read any of my books, such as Simple Habits: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself or Your Dream Life Has Arrived, then you will know that I am 100% committed to making the first steps of any goal as simple as possible. That is why I suggest allowing yourself to take any action towards one of your goals for only 5 minutes. Why 5 minutes? Because it builds momentum. If you can do 5 minutes, then you are more likely to see what is possible for yourself. Five minutes can easily lead to an hour if you remain focused and feel the success that you are having.

When we start taking more control of our decisions and fears, we can unlock tons of new opportunities in life that we never thought were possible before.

Alright, so now we know that a good fear is one that prevents us from a negative situation (physically or emotionally) and a bad fear stops us from potential good outcomes due to our negative subconscious belief of failing. Remember this the next time that you are all excited and inspired by something you read – but haven’t started to do anything yet because you don’t think that you are capable. This sole concept that change your life completely…I mean that, completely.

Great, so now we can gain control and take more charge in our life…what is next?

The Continuous Journey

Our lives are a continuous journey and there will always be fear on some level. Fear is within our human nature, but we just need to become more aware of when it is good and when it is bad. The more that we can defeat fear on a decision-by-decision basis, the more control that we unlock within our lives. Don’t forget though, as we progress, there will always be more fears that we discover as we travel into uncharted territory within our goals in life.

Sometimes, this is what makes things exciting and it is also what can give us a huge sense of accomplishment when we finally are able to say “I did it!” to ourselves and those around us. Make sure that you celebrate those times as an extended way of proving to yourself how capable that you truly are. You can, and are meant to, achieve greatness in any aspect of your life that you wish to achieve it in.

So what have you been holding back on due to a bad fear recently? Why not take 5 minutes and prove to yourself that you can move beyond that in this very moment.

You are destined to be whatever you want to be through your persistence and hard work…now, go and make things happen!