Creating Positive Affirmations For An Inspired Life

I was thinking earlier about what would be one of the easiest ways to get more aligned with my goals and on track to feeling super inspired again. It is a great time to do this as Spring is really setting in over here in Ohio. I usually do a lot of typing during the day and decided to take a break from the keyboard to grab some note cards and write down some positive affirmations on them.

Note Cards For Positive Affirmations

I made the choice to use note cards and a pen to write down my positive affirmations because it felt more alive, creative, and in tune with nature for me. You can use this technique however you want, but that is how it worked best for me.

Instead of typing my process out in paragraphs, I decided to list them out below. I feel like this makes for a more step-by-step approach, which always has helped me when reading other people’s material. Don’t forget, the power of positive affirmations is not to be underestimated. When you use these, you are literally reprogramming your subconscious mind every time that you read them.

You can use small pieces of paper, or note cards (if you have them) just like I do. I always keep a pack around me because they are perfect for this exercise.

Self Help Empire Affirmation Cards

Here is my process for creating Self Help Empire Affirmation Cards of your own:

  1. Decide on an affirmation – make your choice on what you want to currently focus on in your life. I suggest just one subject for the time being until it is attained. Be as specific as possible and make sure that you think of your affirmation in the present tense. When you write out your affirmation as if it has already occurred, you program your mind for even quicker success.Once you decide on an affirmation, write it down on the first line of your paper.

    Example: I currently have x amount of money in my bank account.

  2. Add feeling and emotion – this part is huge. Your feelings and emotions are what add the life and spark to what it is that you are looking to attain in your life. Without feeling and emotion, there will be no passion or drive. Add these so that you project yourself towards your goals in a positive manner.Write down the line “How does this make me feel?” and then start listing off below it all of the different emotions and feelings that you would have. Think about how you would feel after the goal is completed and received on your behalf.

    Example: happy, secure, inspired, wealthy, successful, content, free, capable, powerful, in control, passionate, creative, in the flow, love, prosperity, healthy.

  3. Read and focus on the affirmation – positive affirmations have the ability to create massive change within our lives. They are literally a key to reprogramming our subconscious minds to be more attuned with what we want. Don’t drive yourself crazy, but read your affirmation as often as you can. Feel free to add visualizations and any other positive vibes that you can.

The Outcome Of Using Affirmations

If you start reading your new affirmation daily, I am sure that you will see and feel the difference in a quick amount of time. Focusing for just a short period of time is good enough to start manifesting change in your life.

Positive affirmations put the law of attraction and your subconscious mind to work in harmony with each other. I hope that this helps out and inspires you to take some action.

Did you try this technique out? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments section below.

Please leave your results and advice for all of us to read.

I am looking forward to it!