7 Anxiety Benefits That Can Boost Your Life

7 Anxiety Benefits That Can Boost Your Life

Anxiety is crazy, scary, annoying, and…beneficial? Well, not exactly all of the time, especially in the short term, but anxiety can have both positive and negative effects on our lives. Have you ever taken some time to notice some of the benefits that it has played out in your mental health and life?

The feelings of anxiety seem to come about when we get too worried about what is going to happen next in life (which is what activated the fight or flight response within us). This causes us to become overflooded with thoughts in our heads.

I remember the first time that I noticed exactly what this was…I actually ended up in the emergency room with a diagnosis of having a panic attack. My hands were sweaty, I felt like I could not breathe, and I swore that my throat was closing off or I was having heart issues. Yep, it was just a common dose of anxiety, but it was the first time that it felt that real and affected me in such a physiological way.

Needless to say, I ended up with a Dr.’s appointment after my return from the emergency room and was set to take on anxiety with the power of medicine. I do not discount the effects of medicine because it definitely played a great role in getting me to become more aligned with who I needed to become. I am happy to say that I do not take meds anymore for anxiety and I’ve learned to harness techniques such as deep breathing and meditation to combat its effects.

In a sense, going through the hard times of anxiety was very beneficial for me and I would never take back a day of what I went through on my way out. I learned a lot about myself and who I am, what makes me comfortable, how my body reacts to environmental influences, etc.

Below, I explore some of the anxiety benefits that you can find within your life so that you can start to see it in a different light.

1. Extend The Capabilities Of Your Mental Health

Anxiety definitely pushes the boundaries and limits of our mental state. Who would have known that our thoughts can make our backs tense up, cause stomach pain, and create a false sense that we are having very serious heart issues? By going through these things and realizing that the brain can have that sort of effect on you, it can generate a sense of power and control within.

Instead of letting our thoughts control the outcomes and circumstances within our lives, anxiety can be a gateway to realizing the power that our mind has over our body.

2. A Focus On Self Improvement And Personal Development

Before panic attacks and anxiety, I never had a solid foundation in the realm of self-help or personal development. Through the effects that anxiety had on me, it almost left me with no choice but to wrap myself up in furthering myself for the better.

Guess what? It works and just about anyone can overcome their mental anguish with some feel good books, learning strategies, and belief changing content that exists out there in our world. Most of the time, I realize that anxiety can be firmly caused by our lack of knowledge in a subject. For example, the lack of understanding who we are and how we work.

By diving head first into self improvement and personal development, we can learn a lot about the person that we are and where we are headed.

3. Living In The “Now” Moment

Yes, yes, yes…there is a magical power in this very moment. You may have heard of it as being referenced to the “now” moment. This very moment, you stand at a decision point as to what thoughts you are going to think or what you are going to do next. Anxiety is caused by fear about what is going to happen, so it can definitely lead to learning how to cope by living more in the “now” instead of worrying so much about the bad things that most likely won’t happen.

4. Control Substance Effects Within Your Life

Many people find that both alcohol and caffeine are triggers of anxiety within their life. For those who have had issues with these substances, anxiety has either made them worse or provided a strong lesson about learning to control the intake of certain substances. By learning the power of moderation (or abstinence if it is severely problematic), we can gain more control in life with anything that we choose to partake in.

5. Witness The Amazing Power Of Energy And Meditation

One of the biggest discoveries that happened to me was the unveiling of a meditation practice within my life. I highly recommend this tactic if anxiety is causing any disparity for anyone. Going along with what I mentioned above (the “now” moment), meditation on benefits this way of thinking. Through meditation, you can also discover the power of your mental energy and its affects on the world that surrounds you.

I still meditate consistently to this day, especially if any anxiety creeps up. It keeps our thoughts at bay and brings us back into a breathing oriented focus on the current moment that we are living in.

6. Books – Reading Can Change Your Life

By reading books, you are allowing the information within those books to enter your mind and have an influence on your inner world. Momentarily, books can take over subconscious thoughts and beliefs. This is why I mentioned about diving into personal development and self-help earlier in this article. I attribute these to also healing my severe anxiety. Since our thoughts have immense control on our bodies, we might as well provide ourselves with content that feels good and helps us to learn more about ourselves.

7. Oneness And Peace Within Yourself

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, severe anxiety is either going to make or break you. Also, it is up to you to decide how you are going to let it affect you. If you continue to seek help and look for positive new ways to cope with anxiety, then you are most likely going to grow from having anxiety within your life.

This can created a renowned connection with yourself as a person and a certain sense of comfort that does not come from much else. When we gain the power to control our minds and guide our thoughts into becoming that which is most beneficial for ourselves, that is a really special power to have.

This is a huge thing to remember for any obstacle in lifekeep on learning and don’t let it control you.