3 Tips On How To Learn To Love Yourself In Today’s World

3 Tips On How To Learn To Love Yourself In Today’s World

It is important now, more than ever, to figure out how to learn to love yourself if you are struggling with feelings of confidence and self worth. Our society has very high expectations of everyone, and usually we are expected to be something that is perfect in concept…but rarely completely achievable.

We should continue to strive for greatness and high levels of achievement, but figuring out how to learn to love yourself is very significant in becoming a better person to our world as a whole.

I’ve compiled a couple tips here on how to learn to love yourself within our current times.

1. Build Your Confidence With Imagination

This one entitles you to be a bit creative with your imagination. I find that there is a lot of distraction around ourselves when it comes to self reflection. We tend to hold beliefs about what people think we should be, and we let those control our default thinking most of the time.

Imagination and creative thinking offer a break from our usual thought processes so that we can imagine what it would be like to love ourselves and grow in certain ways. It is important to become more of what we love about ourselves as much as possible.

When we love ourselves, we will radiate a greater amount of confidence that is good for both ourselves and those around us.

Use your imagination on a regular basis (as often as you can) to think about what it would be like to love certain aspects about yourself. How would you carry yourself? What types of opportunities might you unlock? Simply use your imagination and imagine what it would be like to completely love yourself.

By doing this, you will bring about fast changes and will subconsciously start holding your head higher and feeling better about yourself.

2. How To Learn To Love Yourself Through Meditation

Meditation is powerful, even in small doses. In our busy lives, we should take small breaks for self reflection and meditation. Not only will it help us further our love for ourselves, but it will also prove to reduce anxiety and stress.

I wrote an article called The 5 Minute Meditation Technique quite a while ago. This is a process that can be used by anyone, since we can all find 5 minutes during some point of the day.

Basically, you take a couple of deep breaths and center yourself. After that, you would focus on love for yourself in any way that is possible for you. You could visualize a a golden light that is full of love radiating from your entire being. After a few minutes of doing this, you should feel more secure and comfortable within your own skin.

Doing this for 5 minutes, as often as possible, will yield great effects in how good you feel about yourself…leading to more for for yourself!

3. Love Yourself By Loving Others

A strong way of how to learn to love yourself can be done through interacting with other people during your day.

You can perform random acts of kindness by doing little things that will make a huge difference for someone else. For example, you could clean the entire kitchen for your family if you normally don’t do this. You could tip extra on a restaurant bill, and even write something very nice that will make an impact. You could even do something as simple as offering a warm smile when walking past someone on your daily walk.

Doing anything at all, in kindness, will have a huge impact on your love for yourself. It will make you feel good and will increase the love that you have for both yourself and others.

When a person is on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, they tend to return the favor towards someone else in order to spread even more love around. Kindness feels good.

You can start using these strategies immediately. Choose one of the tips that I’ve listed above and make it a point to use that during your daily life today!