The 5 Minute Meditation Technique

I don’t know about you, but when I usually think about meditation it involves sitting in the same position for about one hour at a time while thinking about only your breath. This is definitely great, depending on your scenario and what you are trying to accomplish, but I really want to come up with a technique that works for me to help manifest change in my life.

5 Minutes Is All It Takes

It sounds crazy, right? Is it true that 5 minutes can lead you to a more abundant life? I can tell you that it definitely has for me. Everyone has 5 minutes to spare in their day right, so why not try and give it a shot? You just might be amazed at the kind of results that you can attract because of what is accomplished in 5 minutes with your eyes closed.

I was revisiting one of my older posts, Creating Positive Affirmations For An Inspired Life, and was starting to think about how I can incorporate that simple technique with a simple meditation. This would most definitely allow myself to quickly become attuned with my new desires. I can’t help it, but I love doing anything possible to speed up the manifestation process so that more of my ambitions and goals can be realized sooner than later. I believe that with only 5 minutes, you can easily be on your way to manifesting a new belief through meditation.

The 5 Minute Meditation Technique In 3 Steps

When developing the process, I also wanted it to be so simple so that your desire is what is focused on. I didn’t want anyone to get into their meditation and then have to go through numerous steps to arrive where they want. First of all, there is not enough time for that in my 5 minute process; and second off, simple just feels better. I love the openness and zen-like feeling of things that are simple. Don’t get me wrong, I also love expansive hour long meditations, but that is currently not my focus for this technique. I wanted to create something stripped down and that anyone can do easily within a short time span for effective results.

Before you start doing the meditation, be sure that you have a desire in your mind. If you want to simply focus on a more broad aspect of life, such as well-being or prosperity, that can work as well. All you need is some sort of focus for this process to begin working.

Now that you know where I am coming from and how I generated the technique, I want to present the 3 simple steps to you below that will lead you to a successful 5 minute meditation. Be sure to set some sort of alarm or cue to let you know when 5 minutes is up. I prefer to put on a 5 minute new age instrumental piece that helps boost the effects of my meditation.

Once you have that set and are in a comfortable state with no distractions, follow these steps:

  1. Close your eyes and expand your awareness. Once you start your 5 minute meditation, the first thing that you need to do is close your eyes and focus on the breath. This part should not take too long because what we are trying to achieve is a quick relaxation and more time to spend on focus within our desire. Take 3-5 deep breaths and imagine white light all around you. This is a process that I use that yields great effects.
  2. Visualize your desire. Now that you are relaxed and in a state of conscious awareness, it is time to bring up your desire. Visualizing your desire with pure emotion will bring about the best results here. Imagine as if you were already holding your desire in your hand; or seeing it as achieved if it is not material. Use all of your senses at this point. The more detailed that you can get, the more excited that your mind will become. We are trying to excite ourselves and generate positive feelings about our desire here. This should be the main chunk and focus of your meditation.
  3. Act on inspiration. After completing the visualization, our meditation is over. This next step involves opening your eyes and basically just letting go. Let go of your desire and trust that you mind knows what to do in order to bring it about within your life. Start acting on whatever excites you as soon as you possibly can.

That is it!

The technique is incredibly simple and only takes about 5 minutes to accomplish. Whenever you start feeling low again about a certain goal or desire, do this meditation. Even if you have to do it multiple times within a day, another 5 minute meditation does not feel like a big deal.

I hope that this technique really helps you as much as it has helped me!