How To Be Successful With New Goals

Recently, like many, I have started a new exercise and diet plan that has been tough to keep my mind focused on. This has led me to writing this post on how to be successful when you have a new goal in your mind that seems extremely hard to achieve. I stumbled around a lot at first until something just clicked within me and gave me sincere focus on my goal of losing 25 pounds.

I noticed that this same “click” happened with almost all of the goals I have ever reached. I wanted to get down to the science of what was happening so that I could apply it to the rest of my life. Does this sound like something that would also help you out? If so, read on and see why these newfound goals only seem like they are out of reach – in fact, they are closer than we might think.

Success Factors

1. Gain Control Of Your Mind. When we have a new goal, no matter how exciting that it may be, or minds are still going to “go crazy” when we start to change away from the routine that it is used to. We are definitely creatures of habit. The stronger the habit – the harder it is for your brain to let go of the connections that leave it in place. If you want to learn how to be successful, then this is the main point to start at.

For example, when I am working to lose 25 pounds, my brain starts coming up with tons of excuses on why I should not be doing that. I start getting intense cravings to replace what is being lost. Mental language also starts to set in with excuses like “It is too hard to change and reach your goal” and “You need to eat more so that you can satisfy your cravings”. Anyone that has lost a significant amount of weight can also attest to this, I am sure of it.

One of the best factors in achieving success is the handle which you have on your mind to stay strong and remain in control. Part of your unconscious brain can be telling you one thing, but your conscious mind has the power to bring in new influence and change that subconscious portion.

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2. Change  Your Subconscious Thoughts. The subconscious mind can sabotage everything for us with just a few of its thoughts. Just as chaotic as it can be, it also has the power to help us effortlessly reach our goals (or as effortless as possible). Sometimes we have negative thoughts implanted within our subconscious that do not represent where we are currently headed. This can cause us to remain latched on the old ways that we have become so accustomed to.

One of the best ways to work on your subconscious thoughts, is my process of reciting affirmations. You have to think of affirmations as they conscious version of mental chatter. You are literally saying phrases, beliefs, etc. over and over again until your mind becomes so used to those thoughts that you don’t need to recite them anymore.

You might choose to start saying things to yourself like “I am thin and weigh (x) pounds” or “I always have more than enough money for anything that I want to do in life”.

These types of thoughts would be working in your favor, as oppose to the ones that are trying to destruct your new level of enthusiasm and effort.

3. Take As Much Action As Possible. When we don’t take action, I like to think that we are just dwindling or losing time. I don’t mean that it is wrong to get proper sleep or that it is wrong to spend time in relaxation. What I mean is that sometimes our mind can paralyze us – quite literally.

Have you ever found yourself working towards a new goal and then out of the blue you catch yourself doing something completely different. While you are working on those subconscious thoughts, it is important to remain focused on taking actions towards your goals.

Set reminders around your environment that will help you to stay focused and remind you to be moving in the direction of your goals as much as possible. Even just writing some affirmations on a note card and leaving them on the refrigerator, front door, desk, etc. can go an extremely long way. When you find some extra time, be sure to take any sort of action that is possible towards your new goals – even if it is baby steps.

4. Don’t Be Negative. Usually by the time we realize that we are ready to change, we have already ended up in some sort of depression or funk surrounding that subject matter. These negative thoughts are exactly what will keep you held down, so try your best not to surround yourself with them. These will not help you learn how to be successful, they will only deplete your amount of success.

Start doing more things that keep you in a positive mental state. Even if you are trying to achieve financial goals, spending time doing other things that you love can definitely help support your outcome. How so? Because when you are happy and in a good mood, you tend to have more power and success in getting things done. It is as simple as that.

5. Be The One To Change. Sometimes I like to think of myself as a great example to those around me. This is not because I am egotistical or want to be superior, but because I want to let others know that they can also do whatever it takes to see and make change within their lives.

Not everyone has the time or chance to read articles like this, buy the books, do the research, etc. You are consciously gaining this knowledge and doing something about it. Be the one who changes and show others that they can indeed do the same thing with a focused mindset.

When other people start seeing your results, they will start asking you how you did it and what your process was. At this point, you will see that you are a huge inspiration to them and can use your knowledge/experience to resonate feelings of inspiration within them as well.

6. Take A Day Off. Feeling too busy as rushed all of the time? A day off might actually be the best way to refresh our minds and reach our goals quicker.

Some days, you may feel like you have been doing too much and have worked yourself into exhaustion. Well, maybe you have. I would urge you to look within and see if you need a good whole day off where you do nothing but the things that you have been wanting to do.

It is not worth it to remain in those states of fatigue for long periods of time, and a day off will definitely provide that mental refreshment factor.

7. Don’t Listen To The Doubters. When you start making change within your life, it can seem like almost nobody wants you to do it. It’s funny how this happens with just about any type of goal that you can think of. People like to keep you in your place that they have in their version of the world. When you start to change, it causes them to start perceiving things differently – and they may end up giving you a hard time.

Words might come out of their mouths like “You are not capable of doing that – join back into the real world” or “Am I still important to you? Why are you so focused on such and such goal?”. Don’t worry, these are natural and almost everybody does this to an extent.

Do yourself a favor and just keep them entertained with the fact that you are simply doing whatever it takes to make a difference in your life and you would like their support as you move forward. If they don’t want to support you, well, then they don’t have to. You need to make decisions for yourself and always do what you feel is right.

8. Surround Yourself With Those Of A Like Mind. Fill your time with positive people around you. Surround yourself with people that also make positive change because it will inspire you and you will feed off their energy.

You don’t have to block out loved ones and friends that aren’t on the same mental level that you are currently on, but you should spend more time with the ones that are. Don’t forget, we are most like those that we surround ourselves with. People work just like those affirmations that I mentioned above. We take in habits, words, thoughts, and environmental factors continuously. It is important that they represent our highest goals for a better life.

9. You Can Change. You must allow yourself to know 100% that you can change any aspect of your life at any moment and whenever you want. Allow yourself to have this power and freedom in life. It is your right you live and feel this way.

So many people live in a mental prison and it is important to break free of that as soon as possible if you are one of them. The “I can’t change” mindset has no place within you and should be discarded as soon as possible. The sooner that you can release yourself, the sooner that your life will become more amazing in ways that you don’t even know.

10. Become The Goal. This may be one of the most powerful of all 10 points that I have listed here in this post. There is a certain power in just being the goal that you wish to achieve.

Ask yourself questions like “What would I be doing now if I already attained the goal?” and “What would someone else do to achieve this goal?”. When we think of perspectives that are outside of ourselves or in a different time, we allow ourselves to break free of current thought patterns.

Close your eyes and imagine that your goal has already been achieved. What would you be doing and who would you become? Start taking actions in that direction. Act like you already hold the goal within your state of being.


If you follow the points that I have outlined within this article, I am 100% sure that you will increase your success rate towards any goal(s) that you would like to achieve for yourself.

Like I said, the most important part is knowing that you can have what you want out of life and that you can become whatever it is that you want.

Everyone has to start somewhere and with some sort of steps to start walking in the direction of their desires.

Make a promise to yourself and do whatever it takes to reach the things that will truly aid you in living the most enriching life possible for yourself. You should never cease to be growing and change is the key to growth within all individuals.

Don’t think that you have learned all and everything there is to be learned. When you start to feel this way, that is when you are slowly but surely trapping yourself within a mental prison. It means that you have become too comfortable in life and are losing your sense of control to change.

We are beings of contrast, change, growth, improvement, happiness, and love. We thrive when we follow these principles and see growth within our lives.

Become your best self and do whatever it takes to reach success within your goals.

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