Energy Healing Techniques: Revive The Lost Art

The power of energy healing techniques can be seen in movies, video games, and in numerous other places within our culture. We have become separate from energy healing though as an alternative therapy. I invite you to have a peek into the world of this phenomenon so that you can revive its effects within your body and mind.

You Are What You Think

The primary reason that energy healing techniques work on the mind and body is due to the fact that what you think about comes about. Science already has convincing evidence that visualization has a huge impact on the development of skills and other works within our bodies. With that being said, I would like to dive more into the subject of what energy healing is.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing deals with the subtle energies and vibrations within the physical body. When these become out of balance, our lives tend to manifest more chaos and insecurities. Through energy healing techniques, we have an opportunity to re-tune these out of balanced energies so that they can be more in sync with what we would like to see within our lives. Think of it as similar to tuning a guitar or cleaning your house, both topics create a better atmosphere and vibration.

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I am not giving this information as any advice that should replace our normal medical system. If something is severely wrong, then by all means, please do visit your doctor so that they can treat you. All I want to do is open up your mind and inform you of the possibilities that lie within energy healing.

Everything Is Energy

If you look at the basics of all life, everything is composed of the same basic energy structures. Knowing this, we can see that energy is always affecting other energy. This means that the thoughts we think are also energy. Through energy healing techniques, we are exploring how our thoughts can have an effect on the world around and within us.

Although there is no complete scientific proof of this concept yet, you should try it for yourself to determine what you think of the technique.

Energy Healing Techniques

There are two different ways that I like to practice energy healing. Of course, there are plenty of others, but it is my hope that the techniques I present will resonate with you so that you can also divulge in the benefits that they deliver to me.

Visualization Technique

This is my favorite technique because I can do it while meditating by just using my thoughts. You can close your eyes and begin to center yourself. Once you are centered and focused, you can begin your energy work. For basics, you can simply imagine white light completely surrounding you as if you are in a bubble (or shell) of pure white lights.

Recognize that this white light heals you and feel its refreshing effects on your body and mind.

Healing With The Hands Technique

Another way that you can activate energy healing techniques within your life is by physically using your hands.

Without touching your body, scan over it with your hands until you feel subtle changes in vibration or the air surrounding you. When you find a spot, start imagining white light and energy so that you feel as if it is healing you. Do this until you feel more complete and whole.

Once this occurs, move on until you find another spot. You can do this as long as you like.

Experiment: Find Out What Works For You

Try the energy healing techniques that I have presented, but also don’t limit yourself.

Do what feels absolutely natural for you because ultimately that is what is going to work best for you.

If you find any new exciting techniques, please do share!

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