Meditation And Law Of Attraction Are A Great Match

Meditation has long served its purpose as a place that we can go to relax and clear our mind of daily thoughts that may be toxic to our well-being. Just this thought alone shows why meditation and the law of attraction go hand in hand. They are a great match. If used together, the power of manifestation from the law of attraction can be increased in large amounts. It all starts with the beliefs that you hold within your mind.

Let Your Negative Preconceived Beliefs Go

Anyone that has started meditating as a beginner, and even advanced, has noticed that it takes a few moments to get away from the stresses of daily life. Whether big or small, it usually takes a moment to wind down once we go into a state of meditation. This is because our subconscious mind naturally has us programmed to think the same beliefs that we always have on a consistent basis. This is what keeps us in the comfort zone and makes it so hard for people to change.

Usually, we go day in and out thinking the same kinds of thoughts and reacting the same kinds of ways to the same kinds of situations that happen around us. This is when life can become stuck on autopilot. Even though we know that we should further ourselves and make changes, our beliefs have us programmed to stay the same.

Normally, our positive beliefs are not the issue at hand. We usually wind up wanting to change the old negative beliefs that keep putting us in a state in which we don’t want to keep ending up in. A few examples would include overeating, working too long, spending too much time alone, etc. Luckily, there are ways to bring these negative patterns up in our mind and release them. The first step to breaking away from an old belief is to recognize its existence.

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Using Meditation To Remove Negative Beliefs

The key to removing those old negative thoughts patterns is meditation. This is not the only way to do it, as it can be done in a very conscious awakened mind way; but I find that I have some of my highest successes when I use meditation to clear old negative beliefs. Clearing old beliefs creates an opportunity for you to replace them with new ones so that the law of attraction can work its magic.

I have included some simple steps below that I use whenever I want to activate the law of attraction and work on manifesting something new within my life.

Meditation Steps For Activating The Law Of Attraction

  1. Focus On Your Breath. Start by focusing on your breath and allowing yourself to feel however it is that you feel. Stressful and negative emotions may come up but just let them be until you are relaxed. You should keep focusing on your breath until you feel like you are in that place between being awake and falling asleep. Be careful not to fall asleep though!
  2. See The Opportunity. Realize that once you get in this state of mind there is a huge amount of opportunity before you. You should be in complete stillness at this point and your mental chatter should have calmed down. Now is the perfect time to intend new beliefs based around what you want to manifest within your life.
  3. The Future Is Now. Imagine your future as if it is happening right now. Don’t see it far off in the distance unless that is where you want to keep it. The law of attraction and our beliefs go based on how we feel in this present moment. That is how we created our old beliefs in the first place. We need to replace them by seeing something as if it is happening right now. If you want to have a more healthy body, see yourself with it in this present moment. How would you feel? What kinds of things would you be doing differently? What foods would you eat? Go into the details! That is what gets your mind excited.
  4. Feel Refreshed. After you have spent time in the emotion and feeling of your future occurring now, you can either fall asleep or come out of your meditation state. Take some deep breaths and feel the difference within your mind and body.

A lot of this process is very vague, and it is meant to be. I believe that once you get into that meditation state, that you will know what you need to do in the best way for yourself. No two people think and do things exactly the same. Guidance can be given, but it is up to you to feel good and get excited about what is headed your way (whether it is a new car or the realization of a current goal).

Practice with it and see what you can accomplish. Please leave some of your thoughts and successes below in the comments section! I would love to read them and discuss this further!

Enjoy Right Now,



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