Opening The Root Chakra: Five Quick Tips

Techniques for opening the root chakra have been studied for plenty of time considering chakras were present further back than we can imagine. The root chakra is one of the most focused on energy centers because we live in a physical universe and it is what ties us directly to it. Anything that we do which makes us more aware of our body has an impact on the strength of the root chakra energy center.

1. Exercise

Exercise is an amazing way into opening the root chakra. When we become sedentary for a period of time, this chakra tends to get blocked. By moving around and acting out in out physical reality, our root chakra becomes activated and strengthened. In return, this removes the blockage and helps us to feel that spike in happiness after we complete an exercise session.

2. Grounding Meditation

Meditation can be amazing for the root chakra. You may think that it would only strengthen chakras that deal with thought, but it actually has a very great impact on this physical energy center. You can imagine roots growing from your feet that physically keep you grounded within the Earth, just like a tree. This will help in opening your root chakra.

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3. Cooking

Cooking a meal and eating is also a surefire way to activate the power of this chakra. Want some extra benefits? Eat root vegetables and use fresh ground pepper. If you become aware of your senses, you will easily feel how different foods manipulate the energy systems that are throughout your body.

4. Dancing

Dancing is similar to exercise because it gets you moving and feeling within our universe. Instead of sitting down at a wedding, get up and dance on the dance floor! You may want to get up and dance in the middle of your living room as well if you don’t have anywhere else to go. There is no rule as to when and where. All you have to do is get up, play some good music, and start dancing to activate and start opening the root chakra!

5. Conversation

This topic is also deep within other chakras as well, but conversation can be a great way to activate the root center of energy. Make sure you are completely aware of what you are having a conversation about for the best effects. Sometimes we get lost in thought and this can block up the root chakra. When we vocalize and release our emotions, the blockage can also begin to release from the root chakra.

If you follow the advice given within this post, you will definitely begin opening the root chakra so that it can begin receiving more energy. Whenever you feel out of balance with this energy center, read this article and choose one of the five quick techniques mentioned above. I am sure that it will help you get back into the groove of things, which in return will build your confidence and levels of security and happiness in life.

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